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Hi, I'm Loren Cellentani

I help ambitious woo-women manifest their calling with passion, purpose and ease.

Your body is not in the way, it's leading the way... 

From crippling anxiety, chronic digestive distress, horrible painful periods. It took all of those and a divorce to wake me up to a new path (stubborn, much?!).

For all my life up until that point, I felt like a victim to my body & emotions. Literally yelling at my body to STFU and get with the program because we have goals to accomplish!

But they were all leading my way to heal the witch wound inside of myself and guide others to do the same.

Harness your sovereign power through your body...

Which allows you to be in your full feminine force. It is safe to be seen, lead and be your full self.

My method incorporates breathwork, movement and visualization to unleash your energy for you to reclaim unlimited power.

I help ambitious woo-women harness the power of their emotions to manifest their calling with passion, purpose and ease.

You hear the calling of your soul to shine more, but what’s keeping you from living that reality? It's time to step outside your head and into your true magnetic and mystical self

More about Me...

  1. I absolutely LOVE a good dance party anywhere: in the shower, in the car, in the middle of the kitchen.
  2. Yogini! You can find me teaching (or practicing) Power Vinyasa or Kundalini Flow.
  3. Living in Southwest Florida: palm trees, sunshine and the ocean are all my love language.
  4. I started my business journey over a decade ago as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher turned Manifestation Coach. 
  5. (Still) A Recovering Perfectionist: the reason I am so passionate about helping others is because how much it's helped me!

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Do you get stuck in your head? Not sure what to do next? This easy breathwork practice will help you balance your mind, get out indecision & into aligned action! So simple (& subtle), you can practice this anywhere or anytime you need it.